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  • Flanged Ball Valve

    Flanged Ball Valve

  • ANSI/ASME Gate Valve

    ANSI/ASME Gate Valve

  • ANSI/ASME Globe Valve

    ANSI/ASME Globe Valve

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JKG Valve Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. We are professional in produce valves. Our company is using advanced management modes,and the products are strict accordance with ISO 9001 standards.The company has established a perfect quality assurance system and introduced advanced valve automatic testing equipment from has material chemical composition analysis,mechanical performance test,ultrasonic and cloth.Series testing capabilities such as Brinell hardness test,ultrasonic wall thickness test,ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic particle inspection,X-ray inspection.metallographic analysis,spectral analysis,valve life test and performance test of ultra-high pressure valve;provide powerful product quality Guarantee. 

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Latest News

  • The Role Of Butterfly Valve And Precautio...

    The butterfly valve is also called a flap valve. It is a simple regulating valve. It can also be used for the switch control of low-pressure pipeline media. The valve butterfly valve refers to the ...

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  • How To Prevent Valves From Corrosion

    The corrosion of valves usually refers to the damage of valve metal materials under chemical or electrochemical environment. As corrosion occurs in the spontaneous interaction between metals and th...

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  • Butterfly Valve Common Fault

    Butterfly valve rubber elastomer in continuous use, there will be tearing, wear, aging, perforation and even shedding phenomenon. The traditional thermal curing process is difficult to adapt to the...

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  • Ball Valve Installation Points

    Ball valve preparation before installation 1. The front and rear pipes should be coaxial, and the sealing surfaces of the two flanges should be parallel. The pipe should be able to withstand the we...

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